We connect your business, so you can connect to your customers.

If your computing infrastructure is an essential cog of your business, chances are you require a comprehensive strategy about how to make your IT work best for you. Our technicians can present solutions that will keep your computing infrastructure organized and your costs low. SuperNet Global’s wire and cable management services can improve your bottom-line profitability by saving you time and money.

SuperNet provides one of the best voice/data cabling and wiring installations with years of field experience. Each site requires a thorough survey and planning as well as attention to detail in order to complete a successful cable installation and termination job. Our experienced and qualified cabling team works very closely with Telecommunications, IT/Networking, and Security Systems Departments to insure a flawless cabling job. We tests and certify all cables after installation to ensure optimum performance from the outset.

  • Structured Voice/Data/Video Cable Installation
  • Data Network Cabling via Cat5e and Cat 6 Installation
  • Coaxial Cable Installation
  • Fiber Optic Installation
  • Server Rooms Installation
  • Office/Warehouse Paging Systems Installation
  • Telco Line Extension (T-1, EoC, FoC, PRI, C/O)
  • Building to Building Cable Installation
  • Single and Multiple Floors Installation
  • Cabling Repairs and Maintenance