• Video Analytics

    Video Analytics

    Using advanced pattern-based video analytics, video surveillance is used to cover remote sites, acres of property, high-threat areas in buildings or specified zones within an enterprise. Video records can be stored at the edge (within the camera) or can reside in the cloud, or be stored on-site on DVR’s, NVR’s and IT servers.

  • IT-Friendly Video<

    IT-Friendly Video

    SuperNet offers commercial security camera solutions at the enterprise level. As a Cisco Advanced Unified Communications Partner, we embrace the convergence of security and IT—and we respect the criticality of your network. Today, in addition to using video to monitor for threats, we also monitor additional concerns, like the bandwidth requirements of your video surveillance—we can even help your security staff meet the bandwidth constraints of your network. We understand how to make video surveillance work with your legacy IT systems and can show you how to achieve efficiencies using management tools for intelligent data sharing.

  • View Alarm Event Video

    View Alarm Event Video

    View also enables video of alarm events to be saved and shown in your eSuite portal along with alarm data. Video events tied to exceptions like out-of– schedule panel disarm events can also be saved and viewed online.

  • Backup Communications

    Web & Mobile Security Management

    Our eSecure remote video surveillance technology allows you to control external devices and view live video from any of your on-site cameras. This unique technology creates full-color video that can be easily downloaded via Internet connection or your mobile device. eSecure will capture video images before, during and after an alarm activation and send them directly to your email.