Premise–Based PBX Overview
Whether your business has 10 employees at a single site, or hundreds of employees at multiple locations, we have a solution built for your business. SuperNet, in partnership with Allworx, offers flexible the solutions you need to be able to implement the system that’s perfect for your company without compromising on price or features.

Advantages of the Premise-Based IP PBX System
How do you know if a premise-based IP PBX system is the right choice for your business? Below are some of the reasons why you might choose this solution to meet your company’s needs.

  • Scalability: The Allworx IP PBX offered by SuperNet Global provides the flexibility to adjust your system to accommodate your growing business.
  • Robust Features: Your server comes complete with all the features needed for day-to-day operations, plus a selection of many specialized applications.
  • Cost-Savings: Our systems are less costly to maintain than many traditional phone systems, so not only are you getting phones and features that are more advanced, but you’re also getting them for less.
  • Remote Users: Every phone on your system can be connected with your facility, from anywhere, with just an Internet connection.

Premise-Based IP PBX Phone Systems

SuperNet Global partners with Allworx to bring you premise-based IP PBX phone systems that were designed with business needs in mind. No matter which Allworx system you choose, you get robust, customizable features and high-fidelity voice that keep you connected everywhere you go.

The Allworx 6x system combines feature–rich phones, a robust data network, and advanced features to substantially improve your company’s productivity while also saving you money every month.

  • Designed for businesses with up to 60 users
  • PBX and/or Key system features
  • Supports VoIP and traditional analog lines
  • Excellent choice for replacing outdated phone system
  • Increase productivity while lowering on-going monthly costs
The Allworx 48x is the largest and most powerful of any Allworx system to date – supporting up to 250 users per system. Its two T1/PRI interfaces make it the perfect solution for businesses which are too large for a single PRI but not so large that they need the significant expense of an enterprise–class solution.

  • Designed for businesses with up to 250 users
  • Two T1/PRI interfaces, each capable of supporting any mix of voice and data
  • Four conference bridges with up to 30 users per conference
  • Three FXO ports and five FXS ports
  • Energy efficient design for maximum energy savings
Increase the power of your Allworx 6x or 48x systems with the cost–effective Px 6/2 Expander. Use up to 34 expanders simultaneously to add more FXO and FXS ports to your 6x or 48x system.

  • Six dedicated loop start FXO ports
  • Two dedicated internal FXS ports (e.g. analog phones, alarm, fax machine)
  • Easy plug–n–play connection

IP Phones for Premise-Based IP PBX

The Allworx IP phones offered through SuperNet Global are feature-rich, easy to use, and offer high-fidelity voice. These IP phones are built to last, meeting your needs for today and preparing you for the future.

Allworx 9204 IP Phone
The sleek, stylish design of the 9204 is ideal for any office setting. If you have minimal need for call line appearances, the Allworx 9204 is just right. Two additional outstanding features of this phone are the back lighted LCD display and the 4 programmable feature keys.

  • Power over Ethernet
  • High–fidelity voice
  • Full–duplex speaker phone
  • Plug–n–play headset connectivity
  • Easy to read display with adjustable brightness
Allworx 9212L IP Phone
With 12–programmable function keys and supporting up to 12 line appearances, the 9212 is a powerhouse communications tool. The 9212 can be programmed for any combination of PBX Call Appearance, Key System Line Appearance, Queue Appearance, speed-dialing, direct station dialing, and busy lamp field.

  • Huge and easy to read backlit display
  • 12 programmable function keys
  • Up to 12 line appearances
  • 4 soft keys
  • High–fidelity voice
  • Dedicated Park and Hold keys
  • Navigation keys
Allworx 9224 IP Phone
The Allworx 9224 is today’s premier high–fidelity IP phone bringing the latest advancements in IP telephony to today’s business leaders. Supporting between 24 to 96 programmable function keys with the additional TX 92/24 Expander units, the Allworx 9224 can deliver a multitude of call appearances, line appearances, speed dials, busy lamp fields, and an array of other functions.

  • Huge and easy to read backlit display
  • 24 programmable function keys
  • Up to 24 line appearances
  • 4 Soft keys
  • High–Fidelity voice
  • Speakerphone
  • Dedicated presence button
  • Visual ring indicator
Allworx Tx 92/24 Expander
The Allworx Tx 92/24 Expander is the ideal solution for anyone who needs an array of one-touch features or the ability to monitor or route a high volume of calls directly from their phone. Up to three TX Expander units can be anchored to any Allworx 9224 phone for an additional 24, 48, or 72 programmable feature keys – offering you access to a total of 96 feature keys in one single integration.

  • Automatic detection by the 9224 phone
  • 24 programmable function keys
  • Connect up to 3 expanders
  • Powered directly from the 9224 phone
  • No additional power source necessary
Premise-Based Software
Providing a wide range of feature options to help your business increase its productivity, efficiency, and customer-response, SuperNet Global offers multiple Allworx software packages for premise-based solutions.
Allworx Call Assistant
Allworx Call Assistant
Finally… a cost–effective answering position and personal call management tool designed specifically for small and medium businesses. Allworx Call Assistant is a PC–based answering position and personal call management tool that brings the power of enterprise features directly to small businesses.
Allworx Automatic Call Distribution
Allworx Automatic Call Distribution
Allworx Automatic Call Distribution is a robust system, allowing you to distribute queued calls in linear priority, round robin, longest idle, and ring all styles – a different style for each and every call center need! With Automatic Call Distribution, you can instantly manage all the important configurations of each call queue within your system while also tracking an array of beneficial queue statistics on the performance of both individual agents and each individual queue.

Automatic Call Distribution supports up to 10 queues with 16 calls per queue and 32 calls across all queues at any time (when using an Allworx 24x) or 10 queues with 8 calls per queue and 16 calls across all queues at any time (when using an Allworx 6x).

Allworx Conference Center
Allworx Conference Center
When you’re not able to be there in person, the Allworx Conference Center software allows you to confidently host conference calls with remote colleagues, internal employees, customers and business partners.

Take control of your communications with a fully featured conference center that allows real-time scheduling and managing of conference calls with both internal and remote participants directly from your desktop.

Enjoy a fully featured professional conferencing system with comprehensive administrative and user controlled security, scheduling and moderation on a centralized easy-to-use web portal.

Allworx Advanced Multi-Site
Allworx Advanced Multi-Site
Unrivaled in scope and simplicity, this exciting capability takes the inherent advantages of a distributed environment and embeds a completely seamless call processing experience. With Advanced Multi–Site there is true unification across all sites. For the user who has offices at more than one site, you can now use your phones no differently than if the offices were at the same site.
Allworx Dual Language Support
Allworx Dual Language Support
Your business doesn’t stop at the border – now Allworx will actively help boost your International or multicultural corporate presence.
Allworx Mobile Link
Allworx Mobile Link
Bring Allworx Management functionality to your smartphone with iAllworx and Mobile Link for Android. The easy to use interface allows you to listen to or send voicemails, change presence settings or view conference calls from your Allworx phone.

iAllworx – Available Now at the Apple Application Store!
Available now on the Android Market!

Allworx Advanced Multi-Site
Allworx TAPI Driver
The Allworx TAPI TSP (Telephony Service Provider) Driver transforms your Windows based PC into a communications powerhouse. The Allworx TAPI TSP Driver allows for the following enhancements on 3rd party applications that support these specific features.
Allworx VPN
Allworx VPN
A virtual private network (VPN) allows users at designated remote locations to access the office intranet over a secure connection at a lower cost than leased lines or other alternatives. The Allworx VPN can extend the reach of your secure infrastructure in these ways:

For staff members on travel: For example, when an employee is traveling and needs access to files stored on the company intranet, with Allworx VPN and a laptop, the employee can access the company files with no loss in company security.

For home office access: with Allworx VPN installed on their home computer, an employee can work at home, at his or her convenience, with full, secure access to the company intranet and files.